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Bachelor's degree (not finished)

2 years


Secondary vocational ed. (not finished)

2 years



Beginners and Advanced courses


  • I have six years of experience in sales, ranging from fashion to sporting goods and even building supplies. It's an activity that I really quite enjoy, and wish to keep doing for many years to come.

  • Fashion design has been my main activity for the past three years, and I've grown an immense amount in that time. I've gone from very crude and basic designs, to well-researched pieces that I have grown quite proud of.

  • When I was starting to build my company, I was thrown into the world of Adobe CC. Although I am in no way proficient enough to call myself an expert on the matter, I'd have to say that I am somewhat experienced in working with all programs within the CC suite.

  • Although I don't do very well with JS, HTML5 or CSS, as long as I have access to a GUI assisted design platform, I believe I can build some pretty neat websites.

  • For almost all of my six years in retail, I've dealt with customer relations. Because of this, I've grown quite proficient in handling customer complaints, customer inquiries, and manufacturers whilst dealing with defective or broken items.

  • Even when I'm not in a management position, I still try to be a watchful eye for my coworkers. Extended into the management I do now at my own company, I always try my hardest to keep my employees' best interests at heart.

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